Globo Tec, Inc. develops and imports a wide variety of products ranging from electronics to decorative items. We have contacts with factories manufacturing nearly every category of product made in Asia.

The following is a list of some of the products we have developed and imported into the United States:

Alarm Clocks
Talking Pedometers
Body Fat Alalyzers
Digital Cameras
LED Lights
Shower Radios
Tip Calculators
Currency Converters
Book Lights
Whistle Key Finders
Dynamo Radios and Flashlights
USB Flash Memory Drives
Digital Voice Recorders
MP3 Speakers and Accessories

Personal Care
Manicure Sets
Shoe Shine Kits
Electric Razors
Personal Trimmers
Eyeglass and Jewelry Cleaners
Eyeglass/Contact Lens Cases
Travel Cases

Tape Measures
Multi Function Tools
Laser Levels
Pocket Knives

Poker Chip Sets
Poker Tables
Dart Boards
Travel Games
Wood Games
Steel Mind Teasers
Hand Held Video Games
Chess/Backgammon Sets
Game Tables
Domino Sets
Cribbage Sets
Playing Cards
Card Shufflers

Desktop Accessories
Stress Balls
Mini Recreational Games (Billiards, Shuffleboard, Croquet, Darts, Horseshoes)
Mini Sports Games (Football, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Tennis)
Electronic Dart Boards
Magnetic Dart Boards
Rubber band Skill Shooters
Magnetic Sculptures
Picture Frames
Computer Vacuums
USB Mini Aquariums
USB Lights
USB Fans
USB Laser Towers
USB Optical Mouse

Drinking Items
Glass Coasters
LED Flashing Ice Cubes
LED Flashing Coasters
LED Flashing Beer Mugs
Drinking Games
Bar Sets
Shot Glass Sets
Cocktail Shakers

Automotive Items
Digital Tire Gauges
Emergency Tools
Heated Ice Scrapers
12 Volt Air Ionizers
12 Volt Heated Mugs
Lock Deicers
12 Volt Auto Lights
Visor Caddies

Inflatable Referees
Micro Helicopters
Pen and Pencil Sets
Remote Control Holders
Golf Ball Monogrammers
Embroidered Hankies
Golf Tool Sets
Fishing Tool Sets
Mechanical Banks
Coin Caddies
Dresser Valets
Jewelry Boxes
Watch Cases

Decorative Items
Artificial Flowers
Wind Socks
Wind Chimes
Velvet Scrolls
Lamp Shades

Pet Items
Dog Beds
Dog Clothes
Dog Leashes
Pet Jewelry
Pet Charms
Rubber Pet Toys
Ceramic Food Bowls and Treat Jars

Promotional Items
Silicone Rubber Bracelets
Logo Flip Flops