Globo Tec, Inc. has been sourcing products in Asia for nearly 20 years. We have established long term relationships with dependable factories in nearly every product category being manufactured in Asia, which is why we have the confidence and expectation that our customers' orders will be delivered on-time and 100% complete.

Our expertise focuses on working with factories in Asia to source items for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers in the United States. We are able to identify factories to produce existing items, as well as work with our customers to develop new products.

Globo Tec, Inc., we make product development and importing a simple, cost effective and hastle-free process for our customers by:

1. Providing competitive pricing by keeping our overhead low;

2. Delivering all orders on-time, 100% complete and in accordance with all specifications;

3. Confirming that regulatory requirements of governmental agiencies, such as the Department of Homeland Security, U.S Customs, the Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Communications Commission, will be met;

4. Arranging for services associated with importing, such as ocean freight, marine insurance and ground transportation to any destination in the United States; and

5. Remaining in constant communication with our customers throughout the entire process to ensure that they are always fully informed about the status of their projects.

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